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Chicago, Illinois Real Estate Tax Attorneys

Are you paying excessive property tax?

Today’s economy is forcing real estate prices down. Thousands of properties are re-assessed every year. In this process there can be oversights, errors and miscalculations resulting in assessments that don’t match true market values. For you this can be frustrating and costly.

You have the right to fair tax treatment. At Siegel & Callahan, P.C., we give you the representation you need. Call us for a free consultation today.

Experience you won’t find anywhere else

Siegel & Callahan, P.C. has over 30 years of experience in reducing real estate taxes. Prior to private practice, Arnold Siegel was Chief Deputy Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Appeals, which is now known as the Cook County Board of Review. Max Callahan, a member of the Chicago Bar Association’s Real Estate Tax Committee, has worked with Arnold Siegel for more than 10 years. During this time, Max was developing cutting edge software and research tools exclusively for his practice. This gives Siegel & Callahan, P.C. the kind of professional experience you need in issues of value and law.

Personal service

At the Law Offices of Siegel & Callahan, P.C., personal service means you’re hiring real estate tax assessment attorneys with the experience to understand all the issues that make your case unique. We pride ourselves on unmatched personal attention to our clients. And we’ve specifically designed our services to give you the maximum one-on-one personal attention you deserve.

We have extensive experience in real estate assessment practice with clients ranging from owners of single family homes to large corporations that span several states and maintain international real estate holdings. Whatever your status, you can count on Siegel & Callahan, P.C. to understand your case and to aggressively pursue the lowest possible assessment for your property.